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The Sewing Room 


Our Story in a nutshell Meraki Active is half fitness studio,  and half textile manufacturing.  For owner Courtney Micatrotto the pairing of the 2 businesses was the perfect combination of her passions; fitness and fashion.  Courtney is owner of boobs&belly a pre/post natal activewear brand (featured in Pregnancy and Newborn magazine and worn by Real Housewives Megan King Edmonds)  keeping production in the USA was a must, but extremely difficult to do.  She had  to switch manufacturing companies 6 times from NYC to Florida, Michigan and back to CLE.  Starting over with each company for patterns, samples and production was extremely  costly and each and every attempt to change manufacturers failed.  From quality issues, delayed production times, and even pins sent back in garments during the production process when they assured us quality checks were conducted.   Courtney made the decision to bring manufacturing back to Cleveland and team up with her original pattern maker and start fresh with a new manufacturing company that would manufacture boobs&belly, her daughter's nightgown clothing line L Heart Fashion, and launch a new activewear brand under Meraki.  We also are teaming up with local businesses and small companies to manufacture their products (i.e. bags, aprons, totes, dance wear and activewear, etc) we want other businesses and brands to experience the excitement of creating their own designs and the joy of selling something you designed.    

Our Services Include; 

Pattern Making



Fabric Sourcing







Our head seamstress and rockstar pattern maker has a masters in pattern making from FIT and over 40 years of experience in the textile industry.  If you are interested in any of our services please feel free to reach out, we would love to hear from you!  

Please contact us via email



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