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Welcome to GolfFlow Pilates – Your Path to Elevated Golf Performance!


Join our exclusive one-on-one training program tailored for golfers. Experience a comprehensive journey that begins with a TPI Golf Screening, guiding us to design a personalized Pilates and corrective movement plan, uniquely suited to your needs.


Discover the perfect blend of studio sessions and at-home programming over 6 weeks, optimized to refine your swing and enhance your mobility, strength, and balance.


Witness your progress with a follow-up TPI Golf screening, where we'll measure your improvements, discussing how these gains directly influence your game on the course.


Step into the world of GolfFlow Pilates and unlock your full golf potential. Elevate your swing, enhance your performance, and experience a new level of golfing excellence. Reserve your spot now and tee off your journey towards success!



What is a TPI Screening?


As a golfer, you know that every aspect of your body can impact your swing. That's where TPI comes in. TPI, or Titleist Performance Institute, has developed a cutting-edge screening process that evaluates your body's mobility, stability, and mechanics – all in relation to your golf swing. 


Imagine having insights into your body's strengths and limitations that directly affect your game. TPI Golf Screening does just that. It's like getting a personalized roadmap to improve your swing efficiency, power, and overall performance.


During a TPI Golf Screening, we'll assess your body's movement patterns, muscle imbalances, and joint flexibility – all critical factors in a successful golf swing. This information is then used to design a tailored training plan that addresses your unique needs, helping you overcome limitations and play at your best.





Pricing: $600

Program duration: Onboarding + 6 week training (6 sessions)

***additional in studio sessions available for added benefits and results*** 




Onboarding: TPI Screening + Strength Assessment (1 hr)

Training: Pilates Sessions (6 hrs)

Reassessment: TPI Screening + Strength Assessment (1 hr)  





At Home Training: 6 week Corrective Movement & Strength Program

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